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Musiwall's kit
isplay vinyl system

Super-easy system to hang, display, switch & instantly use your records without the hassle

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no tools needed

No tools needed

easy installed

Installed under 3'

switch easily

Switch easily

doesn't damage the wall

Doesn't damage the wall

display vinyl system

Take your records out of their boxes

vinyl hanging system

Discover our Vinyl hanging system

vinyl hanging system

Create, decorate & customize your walls

vinyl hanging system
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Super Kit to easily hang 4 records

vinyl hanging system

Our Service

Musiwall's Kit is a super-easy system to hang, display, switch & instantly use your records without the hassle. Thanks to our modular system you can create, decorate and customize your walls with your favorite vinyl covers, as often as you want! Musiwall's kit is a global solution designed to hang and display 4 vinyls. Each kit includes all the material you need to showcase your vinyl on any wall in your home, studio, office, etc.

Musiwall's adhesive is compatible with a variety of surfaces such as wallpaper, drywalling, brick, painted wall, etc.

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Musiwall's Story

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Our Story

It all started with a legacy of collecting vinyl. In 2021, Julien has decided to give a second life to this vinyl collection to keep the memory of a loved one. For this purpose, he wants to hang his vinyls on the walls of his house to enjoy the design and bring it to life.

He is determined to find a solution, a system for hanging vinyls without tools, without damage and with the right measures.

This is where Musiwall kit was born with its famous invisible clips and instructions for use. It is with pride that the small-innovative family-owned company creates and markets a 100% Belgian product.

He enthusiastically shares his innovative idea to help all music lovers for displaying vinyl record albums in the home and contemplate their vinyl collection.


Thomas, 33 - Brussels  
Interior designer


It was super easy to nicely display 8 albums in my studio. Fast & clean. 


Lucy, 23 - Den Haag

Amazing idea to take out of the shelves my records covers from Madona and sublim them on my living room.

Pierro, 49 - Île-de-France
Music Lover

It took me only 5 minutes to hang and display 12 records on my wall - love it!