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  • Will it damage my vinyl or my walls?
    No. We have run over 500 removal tests of the wall mount on various surfaces, and are confident that it will not damage your walls. If you want to remove the stickers easier you can warm them up for +- 3 seconds with a hairdryer and they will peel off effortlessly.
  • Can I use the kit on any type of surface?
    Yes, our Musiwall’s adhesive sticker is compatible with a variety of surfaces such as wallpaper, drywalling, brick, painted walls, glass, etc If you have a doubt, don't hesitate to send us an email at
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    We are happy to ship worldwide. The shipping rate for your country will be indicated at the check-out menu when pledging. The shipping fee does not include additional duties and taxes that may apply as per local laws of importation. We will be including a 'Statement on Origin' on the product invoice stating that the product is manufactured in and distributed from Belgium.
  • How many LPs can I display with one Musiwall kit ?
    1 Kit = 4 vinyls on the wall Musiwall is a solution designed to hang and display 4 vinyls. Each kit includes all the material you need to showcase your vinyl on any type of wall in your home, studio, office, etc. You can obviously buy more kits and display more covers on your walls. Get a discount when buying one of our promo packs !
  • How do you mount your products properly?
    We have created an instruction manual with dimensions for easy installation
  • Do I need tools to display my records on the wall ?
    Musiwall requires NO TOOL and NO measurement. The setup takes less than 3 minutes. AND you can still instantly switch and play your records.
  • Is it difficult to measure the correct spacing between each vinyl covers on the wall?
    No, we realized that correctly spacing vinyl covers on a wall is super difficult. With our chart, it is the easiest thing you will ever do! EachMusiwall's kit comes with a super-accurate measuring chart that makes it impossible to mess up spacing while hanging your vinyl covers.
  • How long does it take to display the LPs on my wall?
    The setup takes less than 3 minutes. AND you can still instantly switch and play your records.
  • Could you easily switch or play your vinyl, even if they are displayed on the wall ?
    Yes, our system lets you display your vinyl covers on any wall, while still making it effortless for you to use them. The simple slip-in slip-out design eliminates damage, keeping your beautiful vinyl covers immaculate.
  • Could you design and create different shapes on the wall with the records ?
    Yes, thanks to our Musiwall kit you can design and and customize your walls by creating easily any shapes with your album covers. We already created a heart with 10 vinyl covers to celebrate Valentine’s day and it took us less than 10 minutes.
  • Are there different sizes?
    Our model is designed for 33 rpm vinyl, however, you are free to do as you wish by choosing a size for a different vinyl such as 45 rpm or 78 rpm.
  • Is the support visible?
    No, they are transparent clips. Almost invisible, they make your vinyl look like it's floating on the wall!
  • How to remove the clips from the wall?
    To remove, move or reposition the clips it is necessary to remove them gently by hand. In order to ensure 100% removal of the clips without damaging your wall, the trick is to heat them with a hair dryer for only 3 seconds, for a perfect release.
  • Can moisture damage the installation and support of the substrate?
    The MUSIWALL kit is suitable for all surfaces and is of flawless quality. However, in general, we do not recommend mounting our kit in an exceptionally humid environment as this can affect the strength of the adhesive.
  • Can I hang it outside without the weather damaging the support?
    The Musiwall kits are mainly made to live on your inside walls, however, they also like to be outside! In general, the system is weather resistant. They do not corrode and should remain in perfect condition and survive for many years. One thing though, it is important not to place them in direct sunlight and they should avoid direct contact with water, as the glue used in our secure wall mounting system can lose its strength when exposed to these factors. Apart from that, the Musiwall kit is tough!
  • Is it possible to buy additional clips?
    We offer a sticker sale, separate from the kit, so that you can reuse the clips as you wish and change their location.
  • How do I pay for my order?
    You can pay with your credit card. Payments are made in USD, EUR, GBP. If your local currency is different from the one mentioned above, please check which currency you will be charged in by adding a Musiwall kit to your cart. Remember that your bank will convert the amount into your local currency at their exchange rate.
  • What is the delivery time?
    The estimated delivery time, depending on your location, is between 3 and 7 working days. In Europe, delivery will be made within 3-4 working days, while in all other countries, 6 to 7 working days.
  • Will there be any custom charges applied to my order?
    Depending on the destination, there are possible additional custom charges. The amount depends on the specific regulations of the country. All costs related to custom duties are to be paid by the buyer.
  • Is the payment on your site secure?
    We confirm that payment on our site is secured and encrypted. You can find out more about our SSL certificate by clicking on the LOCK icon to the left of our URL
  • Can I check the progress of my order?
    Every order will have a tracking number to allow you to check its status at any time, using your order number and connecting to your portal on the website.
  • Do you make gift cards?
    Yes, we offer gift cards. The purchase of these is done in the same way as the purchase of the Musiwall kit.
  • What is your return policy?
    Returns are possible and are subject to a 14-day period. This period starts from the date of delivery of the order. After the 14-day period, the seller will no longer be able to accept the return and may send it back to the buyer. Please note your full shipping details on the package as per your order and put a note with your order number inside. The return address is : SRL AMPP INTERNATIONAL AVENUE LEGRAND 60/70 1050 BRUXELLES Belgique After receiving the package, we will contact you to confirm that your order has been canceled. Your refund should be finalized within 14 days of cancellation, however, we will do our best to do this as soon as possible.
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